Saturday, 25 December 2010

Re: Christmas Day 2010 Message.

Whilst we celebrate Christmas Day with the majority being just out of tradition rather than Christianity. In opening presents, eating far tooo much & spending time with family & friends.

One young 22yr old faces his Christmas Day being stuck in perhaps some of the harshest conditions possible all for giving the World, truth.

The above Video explains who Private Bradley Manning is & his motivations for going against his employers the US Army. It's sad that a good person will more than likely spend the majority of his life in Prison. 

There is nothing neither you or I can do; expect think of what this Young Man currently going through being in solitary confinement facing a Military Court that will give him a 52yr sentence more than likely in solitary confinement meaning release when he reaches 75yrs old..!!

Am sure some reading this will call Private Manning; a Traitor or even stupid but when an individual is in their early 20's don't they have a 'pure view' of how life should be. The issues isn't with him but the world he was born into not being the place he was promised.

May the Force or God or whatever be with you Private Bradley Manning.

Happy Christmas.   

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