Saturday, 25 December 2010

Re: Quality Control.

The Twelves Essential Mix by lofihighlife.blogspot

Have a listen to the above whilst reading this entry; it sort of works.

I've been away from my Blog for a while yet this isn't due to laziness just the fact that a large majority of Bloggers believe they need to update everyday.
If an individual does this then its a daily 'Captains Log' yet unlike working for 'Starfleet' they majority of these types are rather boring.

Therefore my entries will be when I feel that I got something useful to declare, provoke thought or debate... not just doing a Blog version of the 'Loose Women' (terrible UK Talkshow, YouTube at high risk)
a.k.a just talk utter rubbish cause you've got nothing of value to mention.

The thing with some Bloggers is the attraction of having Followers or even sycophants that 'worship' them.

Now if the Blogger is engaged in the Adult Pornography Business in the form of a Website; then that's fine as it's a Business / Service.
Yet, having an individual just going on about personal opinions that centre around themselves isn't healthy.
An example is how one of the most popular Bloggers on the Planet from China has no Social-Economic purpose instead expressing his life racing cars & living the high-life. Do people think that by reading how wonderful his life they can somehow 'get his secret of success'?

Therefore, I will be doing my Blogs based on the 'quality not the quantity' rule.

Why the musical link?

Well I got to know about via a Friend & it's so good in terms of quality, it gave me the inspiration as true Art does to do something creative along the lines of quality which basically means....

using intellect added with effort then some originality = 
the mentioned quality formulae.

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  1. I'm with you on the not liking to post every day. It does seem like a lot of people who do that end up rambling on about nothing. It's much better to actually have something to say!