Thursday, 30 December 2010

Re: Attack of The Liverpool Clones.

Living in Liverpool (UK) is always interesting; due to the unpredictability of the place. 
The natives can exhibit moments of raw aggression accompanied at times with violence that would give Martin Scorsese nightmares.

If you don't believe me or disagree with my observations, have a read of the Cities Daily Newspaper: The Liverpool Echo
You'll get Headlines that will make you rush for the Anti-Depressants; yet residents always argue that the manner that Liverpool is portrayed is constantly negative?

The other side of this City can be the genuine warmth of people with an example of the amount is raised for Charity by its population. 
Along with a type of humour that's funny without being demeaning or at the expense of others. This cannot be said of my time living in Manchester or Leeds where its deemed appropriate to humiliate people under the excuse of traditional historical humour.

Yet, the reason for this Blog Entry is my puzzlement at Scouse Cultural Fashion.

Exhibit A:          

I was in a Starbucks located in the new & highly impressive Liverpool One Retail Park, enjoying the company of some former work colleagues. 
When nearly every other Adult Male that entered was wearing the above Jacket..!!
Now whilst I can recognize that trends in Fashion do exist, as without them Fashion wouldn't.

It was sort of uncomfortable watching all these Men wearing the exact same garment; in this age of the individual; why would people want to look the same?

It got me thinking that this might be something that's totally unique to Liverpool & then I realized Exhibit B.  

The young lady is Alex Gerrard or is it Curran? The Wife of Liverpool Football Captain, Steven Gerrard.

Mrs. Gerrard or is it Ms. Gerrard, what are the rules around this now? 
Do Women that are Married like to be know as Mrs. or Ms. 
Yet, being called Ms means that the Woman isn't Married... any clarity on this issue please.

Back to my point, Mrs. Gerrard is seen thee Ultimate Scouse Female as shown in the above Photo. When walking in Liverpool City Centre doing some Shopping or even on a Night-Out; it worrying the amount of Young Woman are clones of Alex.

Thus we reach the conclusion around this Blog Entry; maybe the thing that makes Liverpool unique is uniform in terms of group psychology of its resident native population that then manifests itself in actual Fashion.

As an outsider, I wish this would end but maybe this approach is what keeps the City together.
A person I know that comes from the City told me best at a time when I was new to Liverpool...

"You hate the place but then when you leave you miss it, as nothing the same anywhere".

Now after a time in Starbucks, I sort of have a handle on what they mean.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Re: Getting use to blogger & advice needed.

I've updated the layout of my blog by making it look more sharper.
Am rather pleased with myself YET what I'd like is the knowledge of putting
on my page selected Blogs that am following; as this gives the reader an insight into my personality or Social-Economic viewpoint.

Know-how, suggestions or anything dealing with the appearance of my
Blog especially from more experienced users of blogger would be most appreciated.

Many thanks.        

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Re: Christmas Day 2010 Message.

Whilst we celebrate Christmas Day with the majority being just out of tradition rather than Christianity. In opening presents, eating far tooo much & spending time with family & friends.

One young 22yr old faces his Christmas Day being stuck in perhaps some of the harshest conditions possible all for giving the World, truth.

The above Video explains who Private Bradley Manning is & his motivations for going against his employers the US Army. It's sad that a good person will more than likely spend the majority of his life in Prison. 

There is nothing neither you or I can do; expect think of what this Young Man currently going through being in solitary confinement facing a Military Court that will give him a 52yr sentence more than likely in solitary confinement meaning release when he reaches 75yrs old..!!

Am sure some reading this will call Private Manning; a Traitor or even stupid but when an individual is in their early 20's don't they have a 'pure view' of how life should be. The issues isn't with him but the world he was born into not being the place he was promised.

May the Force or God or whatever be with you Private Bradley Manning.

Happy Christmas.   

Re: Quality Control.

The Twelves Essential Mix by lofihighlife.blogspot

Have a listen to the above whilst reading this entry; it sort of works.

I've been away from my Blog for a while yet this isn't due to laziness just the fact that a large majority of Bloggers believe they need to update everyday.
If an individual does this then its a daily 'Captains Log' yet unlike working for 'Starfleet' they majority of these types are rather boring.

Therefore my entries will be when I feel that I got something useful to declare, provoke thought or debate... not just doing a Blog version of the 'Loose Women' (terrible UK Talkshow, YouTube at high risk)
a.k.a just talk utter rubbish cause you've got nothing of value to mention.

The thing with some Bloggers is the attraction of having Followers or even sycophants that 'worship' them.

Now if the Blogger is engaged in the Adult Pornography Business in the form of a Website; then that's fine as it's a Business / Service.
Yet, having an individual just going on about personal opinions that centre around themselves isn't healthy.
An example is how one of the most popular Bloggers on the Planet from China has no Social-Economic purpose instead expressing his life racing cars & living the high-life. Do people think that by reading how wonderful his life they can somehow 'get his secret of success'?

Therefore, I will be doing my Blogs based on the 'quality not the quantity' rule.

Why the musical link?

Well I got to know about via a Friend & it's so good in terms of quality, it gave me the inspiration as true Art does to do something creative along the lines of quality which basically means....

using intellect added with effort then some originality = 
the mentioned quality formulae.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Re: This video reminds me of....

The above Video reminds me of all the Ladies, I've been 'intimate' with in some way I love them all.

Some of them I miss; it could be a actually day or a saying or laugh.
As I get older, am starting to think of the past.

Anyways, it's a great tune.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Re: Democracy or Demoncracy?

It's been a strange couple of days in the UK; the origins of this is around the notion of freedom.

The UK Government seems displeased that the BBC decided to broadcast 
allegations of corruption around FIFA - 'Fifa's Dirty Secrets'; just before that organization votes with a possibility that could bring the World Cup 'home' to England.

Then the release of confidential American State Department reports by Wikileaks. Hilary Clinton -  Secretary of State response to the public exposure was an... "... attack on America's foreign policy interests".  

Am sure The UN secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon isn't going to accept this 'logic' as according to Wikileaks, America hacked (the irony) into senior UN Staff's E-Mail's & IT Systems. 

Now the American-Anglo 'party-piece' is constantly about the promotion of freedom which can ONLY be achieved via that old saying 'thee rule of law'.

The BBC wanted a response from FIFA around it's allegations that included a confidential document listing 175 payments totalling about $100m (£64m) all 'on the down-low'.

You guessed it, FIFA didn't want to respond.

Yet, I've got a nice connection between FIFA & Wikileaks - Qatar.
The Gulf Nation is determined to be the 1st Muslim Nation to host a FIFA World Cup Finals in 2022.  It's determination is such that they are willing to create new-technology that will transform Solar Energy into outdoor cold air-conditioning that will make playing / training in June - July possible even if outside will be 41°C (106°F) ..!!

For all Qatar's enthusiasm according to those secret Wikileaks memorandums the same place that does major league fund-raising for a 'certain tall fella' that's got a $50million 'price tag'. 
ABC News (America) even had the following headline:
'Qatari Royal Family Linked to Al Qaeda'.
Source: ABC News, 7 Feb 2010

The article by Brian Ross & David Scott mentions...
"Certainly it is well-documented that there is one member of the Qatar royal family that supports al Qaeda," said Rohan Gunaratna, the author of the book Inside Al Qaeda and professor at St. Andrews University in Scotland.

Now for a nation that has such wealth the ease that legal action could be taken against both Prof. Gunaratna & ABC News would be like a Child taking up the offer of if they wanted Ice Cream. Instant with total focus, yet they haven't which is worrying especially when the American Military has its Middle Eastern base in the same place.

What's going on?

That's the question, it seems Qatar are 'all things to everybody' yet what are our leaders that we vote for are saying around this confusing contradictionNothing, that's what. 
So, on Thursday FIFA could make an important decision to host a major global event in a nation that a number of wealthy & influential individuals fund the world's biggest group of nut jobs obsessed with making the entire world population convert to Islam by force.

It's not like this information is secret yet this example on a Blog of an ordinary person should convince you the reader that all talk of freedom is simply that talk. 
The rule is if you've got the money then allowances can be made even it creates a twisted relationship that's something like a David Lynch Film called -  Demoncracy. 

Am fed-up of the total hypocrisy & contradiction that's occurring in the world by those that should be respected along with lead society. 
Yet, hope exists in the form of this the Internet something that was initially created for the American-Anglo Military Combo might in time actually be a force for peaceful global improvement via awareness. 
In providing 'light' on the 'darkness of lies'

We just might get Democracy, after all.... perhaps?

Additional Information....

Monday, 29 November 2010

Re: Blog OVERLOAD Delight.

I've only joined the Blog Community for a few hours but the amount of
information received has created a wonderful overload, I've joined
other's Blog's ranging from UK Politics (highly important
during this current Economic Situation e.g our friends across
The Irish Sea unforgivable situation of lowering the National Minimum Wage..!!)
to Women that have Sexual Fantastic Dreams about being impregnated
by 'Black Seed' (their choice of wording not mine) then tell the world
in all kinkiest fashion.

I was a avid follower of the Facebook but found conversation limited
to Popular Culture or just how much Booze a person drank over
the Friday, Saturday & even Sunday Nights.
Twitter whilst good is just too short but this is the best option.

I can get stuff out & hopefully people will read my views, perhaps?

It's 3:09am & whilst needing sleep am very excited about my new
discovery of reaching the 'Land of Blog'.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Re: I need a release.

This is my first ever entry into 'The World of Blogging'.
I had always felt that it was for frustrated people that are emotional wrecks 
incapable of simple 'normal' expression.

Well it seems that I've done a 180° yet my expression has decreased but
has become heighted & this is what's changed. Maybe before I wouldn't have 
even attempted this but now I am.
As you've guessed from my title this Blog is going to be rather serious as I feel
& always have looking back have great perception of personal loneliness.
I'll explain in my future entries the origins, historical incidents which will give or 
make you understand me better, perhaps? Yet, all I want is a release from this
feeling that's in some way positive & therapeutic for me.

So what about me....

Early 30's
Unemployed (at this present time)
Lives alone

I guess in time, I reveal more about who I am but not for now.  

What's strange is that am already feeling better from typing this already.
I think that this might give me some direction or focus; as am sort of 'lost'.