Monday, 29 November 2010

Re: Blog OVERLOAD Delight.

I've only joined the Blog Community for a few hours but the amount of
information received has created a wonderful overload, I've joined
other's Blog's ranging from UK Politics (highly important
during this current Economic Situation e.g our friends across
The Irish Sea unforgivable situation of lowering the National Minimum Wage..!!)
to Women that have Sexual Fantastic Dreams about being impregnated
by 'Black Seed' (their choice of wording not mine) then tell the world
in all kinkiest fashion.

I was a avid follower of the Facebook but found conversation limited
to Popular Culture or just how much Booze a person drank over
the Friday, Saturday & even Sunday Nights.
Twitter whilst good is just too short but this is the best option.

I can get stuff out & hopefully people will read my views, perhaps?

It's 3:09am & whilst needing sleep am very excited about my new
discovery of reaching the 'Land of Blog'.


  1. No need to be isolated. Welcome to blog land. :-)

  2. How the fuck have you managed to get a "Content warning" added so quickly, when you attempt to access this blog?

    Gottys been at this for Donkeys Years, and has yet to be sanctioned in any way, shape or form.

  3. I'm looking forward to reading your future posts. Welcome to blog world. (And I agree--it's much better than Facebook, which is too superficial!)

  4. This ain't a venomous follow up to my last comment. Since our last elections, a few weeks ago, politics has been pretty hate filled--campaigning has gone on for a year. The tunnel doesn't look any brighter. In fact...

    Just wanted to say:
    We do share unemployment. My 99 weeks of checks ran out last week. My specialty is still at the bottom of the recovery list.... Construction.

    Good job hunting, and I certainly hope yours is far less than 2 years.