Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Re: Democracy or Demoncracy?

It's been a strange couple of days in the UK; the origins of this is around the notion of freedom.

The UK Government seems displeased that the BBC decided to broadcast 
allegations of corruption around FIFA - 'Fifa's Dirty Secrets'; just before that organization votes with a possibility that could bring the World Cup 'home' to England.

Then the release of confidential American State Department reports by Wikileaks. Hilary Clinton -  Secretary of State response to the public exposure was an... "... attack on America's foreign policy interests".  

Am sure The UN secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon isn't going to accept this 'logic' as according to Wikileaks, America hacked (the irony) into senior UN Staff's E-Mail's & IT Systems.

Now the American-Anglo 'party-piece' is constantly about the promotion of freedom which can ONLY be achieved via that old saying 'thee rule of law'.

The BBC wanted a response from FIFA around it's allegations that included a confidential document listing 175 payments totalling about $100m (£64m) all 'on the down-low'.

You guessed it, FIFA didn't want to respond.

Yet, I've got a nice connection between FIFA & Wikileaks - Qatar.
The Gulf Nation is determined to be the 1st Muslim Nation to host a FIFA World Cup Finals in 2022.  It's determination is such that they are willing to create new-technology that will transform Solar Energy into outdoor cold air-conditioning that will make playing / training in June - July possible even if outside will be 41°C (106°F) ..!!

For all Qatar's enthusiasm according to those secret Wikileaks memorandums the same place that does major league fund-raising for a 'certain tall fella' that's got a $50million 'price tag'. 
ABC News (America) even had the following headline:
'Qatari Royal Family Linked to Al Qaeda'.
Source: ABC News, 7 Feb 2010

The article by Brian Ross & David Scott mentions...
"Certainly it is well-documented that there is one member of the Qatar royal family that supports al Qaeda," said Rohan Gunaratna, the author of the book Inside Al Qaeda and professor at St. Andrews University in Scotland.

Now for a nation that has such wealth the ease that legal action could be taken against both Prof. Gunaratna & ABC News would be like a Child taking up the offer of if they wanted Ice Cream. Instant with total focus, yet they haven't which is worrying especially when the American Military has its Middle Eastern base in the same place.

What's going on?

That's the question, it seems Qatar are 'all things to everybody' yet what are our leaders that we vote for are saying around this confusing contradictionNothing, that's what. 
So, on Thursday FIFA could make an important decision to host a major global event in a nation that a number of wealthy & influential individuals fund the world's biggest group of nut jobs obsessed with making the entire world population convert to Islam by force.

It's not like this information is secret yet this example on a Blog of an ordinary person should convince you the reader that all talk of freedom is simply that talk. 
The rule is if you've got the money then allowances can be made even it creates a twisted relationship that's something like a David Lynch Film called -  Demoncracy. 

Am fed-up of the total hypocrisy & contradiction that's occurring in the world by those that should be respected along with lead society. 
Yet, hope exists in the form of this the Internet something that was initially created for the American-Anglo Military Combo might in time actually be a force for peaceful global improvement via awareness. 
In providing 'light' on the 'darkness of lies'

We just might get Democracy, after all.... perhaps?

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  1. Hey! Take a smaller bite next time. I think you got the maid, master, neighbor, along with the postman (in one chomp) this time. I get BBC over here in USA and can only guess that FIFA World Cup refers to soccer.

    Now, don't get me started on soccer destroying free public parks. Or, the "oh, no!!" explicative I made when war-hungry Douche Bag started sucking $Billions into desert pyrotechnics. The following "declaration" in another desert simply confirmed the Uber Stupidity--gullibility--of my fellow citizens. Phew... Ubb, glub ... ... nuff, said.

    Demoncracy is a good name for the soon-to-be-past decade.

  2. democracy - a film by david lynch...

    ...love that!

    but really, honest to god, this is a major connecting-of-the-dots that so far hasn't been picked up by any of the major 'conspiracy' sites like rense or david icke. very interesting.

    i would say you should email one of the regular posters on rumormillnews.com and make them aware of this. they eat this stuff up and they would post a link back to this blog.

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