Sunday, 28 November 2010

Re: I need a release.

This is my first ever entry into 'The World of Blogging'.
I had always felt that it was for frustrated people that are emotional wrecks 
incapable of simple 'normal' expression.

Well it seems that I've done a 180° yet my expression has decreased but
has become heighted & this is what's changed. Maybe before I wouldn't have 
even attempted this but now I am.
As you've guessed from my title this Blog is going to be rather serious as I feel
& always have looking back have great perception of personal loneliness.
I'll explain in my future entries the origins, historical incidents which will give or 
make you understand me better, perhaps? Yet, all I want is a release from this
feeling that's in some way positive & therapeutic for me.

So what about me....

Early 30's
Unemployed (at this present time)
Lives alone

I guess in time, I reveal more about who I am but not for now.  

What's strange is that am already feeling better from typing this already.
I think that this might give me some direction or focus; as am sort of 'lost'.    

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