Thursday, 20 January 2011

Re: Britain wants to hide; if this happens it will get worse.

I've come to a conclusion that the British Population is simply
unable to openly express itself emotionally.

A theory within Science is around individuals being creative original thinkers.
This attitude leads to innovation which a bi-product is economic reward
for the inventor(s).

This rule is coming into play in this current age; as Technology is moving
at 'lightspeed' & the nations that express real freedom of expression
shall move forward.

Britain am afraid can't deal with people that don't fit into Social Categories.
It's also a worrying judgemental society delights in blaming others especially
within the 'world of Celebrity'.

Am not really worried as I'll be soon away from Britain leaving in a place
where people celebrate, laugh & dance.

For a nation that has produced such great Artists; it's population is
emotionally backward.

Welcome to Britain - 'land of contraindication'.

Do you live in the UK or have visited it; what's your take on my views?       

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