Saturday, 22 January 2011

Re: Is this the end of King Rupert's Empire?

All Empire's are designed to end as they make numerous enemies.

This might occur to News International in 2011; as they have pushed
their power to far in both the UK & America.

Whilst Political Class has lost all control over the Banking Sector they
will never lose control or say over the mass media.
Fox News within a few short weeks has seen a major 'sea-change' against
it's unique style of reporting in America.
Whilst in the UK; the 'normal person on the street' that doesn't really do Blogs or TV News instead being self-obsessed are beginning to know about the controversial stuff alleged to have gone on at
The News of the World Newspaper.

When you over-hear these 'normal people' be that on Public Transport or in Elevators talking about such headlines with disapproval tones; am starting to think that the Empire is rocking. Am sure similar types of chatter occurred just before Romania kicked off or Rosa Parks simply couldn't be bothered to move to another seat.

All things in life start small then if they are tough / in the right living conditions grow & grow until being such a size that it cannot be ignored as it once was.

The entire irony of what's occurring being that News International has always had an obsession with sensational headlines & celebrity.
What they forgot is celebrities with the aid of the Internet can directly
bi-pass them now to reach their fan base & worldwide.

The more important error that News International did was not change their method of reporting on the private lives of these Celebrities.
In the 1980's; it was allowed to write what they pleased or say what they wanted...
they where the only game in town.

It's now 2011; even the Iranian & Russian Governments their OWN TV News 24hr Stations that can be viewed in both nations that aren't necessarily fans therefore even bi-passing the elected Anglo-American governments.

In this new age, Celebrities have serious wealth we're in the 1980's they became rich. Wealth is money that has longevity; some individuals earn more in death than being alive. These Celebrities have wealth now;
so can in-fact take on legally News International even through the expensive British Legal System.

Yet, whilst a Blogger realized that the 'game had changed' either out of being arrogant or like some many Empires being to bloated to move. News International just went on like it was the 80's.

So, we have the resignation of Andy Coulson that some say was the decent thing to do.Yet, it get's people talking or gossip.

The latter that both The News of the World & The Sun are so good at creating.

Yet, the goss is about them how ironic indeed.

News International have upset / hurt numerous people throughout the years; maybe the following saying is appropriate...

'payback's a bi%*h'.          

Some of these people are wealthy & maybe have connected using logic to feel that

'my enemy is also your's therefore we are allies'.  

I've got a feeling 2011 is going to be very interesting for News International on BOTH sides of the Atlantic.

Freedom of expression is important yet it comes with responsibility.

I found the below segment shown on Channel4 News, very interesting indeed.

Yet before you do have a read of the following; it's Headline is real...

Sun editor admits paying police officers for stories

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  1. I believe the end could be in sight. However, don't expect him to go without a fight. Network Neutrality being a case in point.