Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Re: My week of joining Twitter & Egypt.

I've decided to finally join Twitter as a means of promoting my Blog.
Yet, when I joined I didn't realize how powerful it really is all from 
a format that allows just 140 Characters. 

By connecting with Twitter, I can connect instantly with all types of
people. That's it's power the instant delivery of information, thoughts &
emotions. All at the same time; by-passing the normal routes that release
information to the wider population such as Newspapers.

With what's occurring in Egypt it's actually blown my mind with the 
amount of instant reporting for ordinary people via Twitter.

This has lead me to the conclusion that the Internet with various software
& Websites will change the world dramatically within the next 100.
Individualism is constantly projected by the free-market economic structure
yet a bi-product of this is people view themselves as being separate.
This has created especially within the UK, a erosion of Community.

I predict that as the technology becomes established within the psyche of 
the population...


Twitter being used by a sizeable percentage of the UK's population.

This will result in too many voices along with the fact that due to the 
pseudonym nature of the 'net; strong honest & at times uncontrollable
opinions shall be expressed resulting in possible tension / civil unrest.

Yet, what is exciting is the fact that ordinary people via the Internet are
understanding whom has the wealth along with resources.
At this current time, people exist whom have obtained more wealth than
any period of History. 
With this fact, ordinary people will begin to ask questions on why their
standards or *quality of life is decreasing whilst those with wealth increase
on extravagant levels.

This will eventually result in mass open protest having its origins in 
Social Network such as Twitter.

Marx prophecy it seems will occur as 'The Workers' or ordinary people
will begin to understand the reality of economics therefore demanding more
eventually via conflict.

The weakness of wealth is that's its simply an elite 'v.i.p club' & due to
the promotion of free market individualism; people believe they have
a right to enter & might do via collective pressure.

So an invention that is currently used to generate massive revenue streams
for the already wealthy will eventually topple them.

* The term... 'quality of life' will increase in usage & I predict will indicate 
unhappiness within a population. 
A term that had its origins in academic circles will become a common used term.

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