Thursday, 17 February 2011

Re: Understanding the logic of St. Valentines Day.

I've had to admitted to not only falling for another but as a result
understanding why St. Valentines Day is important & perhaps
the most important day of then year?

I decided to post anonymously a card to an ex-girlfriend whom
lives in another part of the UK.
Rather than send an off the shelf card I bought one but went all 
creative in a Blue Peter manner & created my own design.
Contained within it was a theme of how I felt around regret that 
our time wasn't better & how after thinking she was good for me.


Our time ended due to some arrogance on both our parts neither
wanted to submit yet now looking at it both of should have 
withdrawn yet young people are but 'strangers in the world' & 
all that jazz].

Back to reality:

I realized that by sending the card it might twist her head but am 
fed-up of being lonely & the fact is that if I don't get a reaction then
nothing changes. 

I mentioned enough for her to know or suspect that it was sent from 
me; so it's her decision on the next move.

At the time of typing this, I've heard nothing but I can understand as 
the words I put are full of emotion. I wasn't very good at that during
our time together.

Us Scientists aren't really known for self-expression; am only finding
out about myself since having this time to think.


I've been waiting for a text or even a call even a Facebook message 
but nothing. It's to be expected as she like me is British & that got 
me thinking we are all emotional some more than others yet emotions 
play a part in life.

Since an early age every Human being has been in contact with the 
notion of love. Be that through Music, Cinema, TV, Literature & Art 
yet why find it difficult to express this emotion?

If the emotions of love, attraction, lust, sex & romance have been with 
us since the start then why aren't we skilled at dealing with base human 

Attraction is the first step towards love; so why is it so random in 
performing declaring what you feel inside?

You can either been seen are weird or offensive behaviour yet if the 
person is interested then its deemed correct behaviour.
Shouldn't lessons be giving or advice on how to express emotion 
surrounding this on the Psychology of attraction or relationships.

Yet, getting back to theme...

After reviewing my traditional interaction on St. Valentines Day; I've 
actually enjoyed it. As it's a set date for people to declare attraction or 
existing love without embarrassment due to tradition.

Of course a bi-product of this is capitalism yet its about the meaning 
behind that card or bunch of Flowers. An individual deems it necessary 
to pay for a product in showing that another turns them on; isn't such a bad 

If all we need is love shouldn't St. Valentines Day actually mean more
or maybe with some Social Rules applied on how to ask a person for
dinner or a drink. 

In the end; shouldn't every individual feel or experience at least once the 
feeling of what true love is from another.
I can't even believe that I've just created this as the person I was just 12mths 
ago; couldn't even deal with the concept of love.

I hope you the reader had at least one card from another in terms of attraction.

Life is short given that the planet is Billions of years old, so should
you be attracted to another attempt to declare this in emotional yet
careful language that must be genuine. 

Me.... I didn't or haven't ever got one; maybe next year perhaps?    

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